EntrepLounge E-Commerce Introductory Course

This E-Commerce Introductory course is an Open Educational Resource presented by Entreplounge. The course is used as a resource for the the Introduction to E-Commerce Certification Course of the University of the Philippines Open University.

E-Commerce Launch and Growth Management

Introduction Once an e-commerce entrepreneur has developed an e-commerce store after conducting customer development and experimentation, the next step is to immediately to their target customers from the outset so that they can gain insights and sell more efficiently and potentially faster. After paying too much attention to the technical aspects of your idea through customer development and experimentation, wrongly … Read More

Legal Aspect in E-Commerce

Introduction Businesses are fuel the Philippines economy. About 90% of the business in the Philippines is composed of micro, small and medium enterprises employing the majority of the Philippine labor force. Businesses play a major role in the helping the country in improving its economy through payment of correct taxes and providing employment opportunities. It is the responsibility of every … Read More

Electronic Store Development

Introduction The electronic industry not only in the Philippines but also in the world is continuously evolving at a rapid pace. Previously, e-commerce is purely associated with websites opened in desktops. A few years later, smartphones dominated the market and the emergence of social media that changed the dynamics of the Philippine e-commerce. In this module, electronic stores alternatives expanding … Read More

Managing E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

Introduction Business in general was characterized by reliance on forecasting and prediction. In fact, this is the heart and soul of business plans where financial forecast is the foundation of all management decisions. For decades, traditional management principles thrived to general management practices that were based on historical experience. As the world becomes accustomed to technology innovations and inventions, the … Read More

E-Commerce Business Model Development

Introduction The e-commerce business hinges on technology as its driver for success. With that fact, most traditional business practices apply but not with similar success with traditional brick and mortar stores. Speed and agility notwithstanding the uncertainty in developing online businesses make it difficult for the traditional business practices to fit into the exponentially changing e-commerce dynamics. That said, this … Read More

E-Commerce Business Idea Development

Introduction This part of the course discusses how to build e-commerce concepts from market segmentation and targeting to mining problems and customer discovery interviews in order to develop a viable idea. With the numerous guides available in the internet on how to start an e-commerce business, the challenge for entrepreneurs is to come up with a good e-commerce business idea … Read More

4 Pillars of E-Commerce

Introduction An e-commerce business journey begins with an understanding of the 4 pillars of e-commerce. These pillars are the critical success factors of any starting or growing e-commerce business. These pillars are electronic store, logistics, digital marketing and payment gateway. An e-commerce business is driven by these pillars that act as the foundation of its existence. These e-commerce pillars are … Read More

Philippine E-Commerce Policies

Introduction The landmark E-Commerce Law was passed on June 2000 signaling the start of an e-commerce era for this Philippines. The law gave official government recognition to various electronic transactions circulating in the Philippines. Since then, laws have been passed to regulate as well as improve the e-commerce industry in the Philippines. While an E-Commerce business is considered by the … Read More

E-Commerce Fundamentals

Introduction We will dive into the world of Electronic Commerce, or E-commerce as we will later refer in succeeding topics. This topic starts off in laying the context on what is e-commerce, how e-commerce began and how it evolved into what we know now. You will discover a deeper understanding of what e-commerce is and how it is different with … Read More