CEO Series: Korean Executive Sung Joon Yoo

Korean Executive Sung Joon Yoo, graduated his Masters in International Business, and Ph.D in International Business at KyungHee University. President of Daejin Hi-Tech Philippines, CEO in Daejin Hi-Tech Korea ( Daejin Chemistry, DJ Industry).

At a young age of 29, he is now trying and prefers to set up contributions on how to help environmentally thru plastic scrap reduction using their modern technology of in house system, buying around 200Tons plastic scrap in a month and turn it into a new raw material. He believes that this idea will be serviceable not only on his society but in any part of the world. “To our company, Partners, Client and Society that cycle should be virtuous cycle not only one part become a winner instead all players share the fruit” said Sung Joon.


“Our businesses are focusing on making plastic trays, plastic sheets, plastic recycling resins and mold” he added.

Supporting his idea, he shares some points about their business process.

  1. Purchasing plastic scrap
  2. Plastic scrap sorting and cleaning
  3. Crushing of plastics.
  4. Extrusion for producing sheet and Resins.
  5. Vacuum forming of trays.

As of now their R&D Center is now focusing on inventing and making a plastic materials using scrap will have a standard and competitive quality.

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